Trauma Shears.

Trauma shears are also known as EMT scissors or Paramedic shears. You know what they are. They are the scissors they say can cut a penny in half. It’s true. But don’t; you’ll tear them up.  

They are heavy duty scissors that have a blunt tip so you don’t accidentally stab someone whose clothes you’re trying to cut off. They easily cut through denim & leather. One reason you might want to cut off clothes is because you don’t want to possibly injure someone more by pulling a shirt off over their head, or yanking their trousers off. Another reason has to do with a game called The Paramedic and the Lonely Housewife.

If someone has experienced trauma like a gunshot wound, the entry wound may be very obvious, but you also need to look for an exit wound, so you can stop the bleeding there, too. We were taught to Strip ‘em & Flip ‘em.

You need to have a pair of Trauma Shears in your PTK. That’s a Personal Trauma Kit. They’ve been discussed on several podcasts. Visit & look under First Aid for a two-page “First Aid at the Range” paper I wrote. Print it double-sided, fold it up, and stick it in your PTK, along with your trauma shears.

Here’s something you may not have thought of. Suppose you just successfully defended your life and called 911. I used to think that my next step might be to do some first aid on the guy bleeding all over the place. Wrong-O! Consider that the reason he’s lying there is because he just tried to kill you. Do you think that he will suddenly have a change of heart and welcome your life-saving efforts? Probably not. Conscious or not, he may still be in possession of his weapon, or have another you don’t know about. Remember your training - Distance and Cover. Actually that’s where you should have been calling 911 from.

Trauma shears have many non-medical uses, too. Having a second pair in your kitchen drawer is also a Good Idea™. They are most useful for cutting open things that come in that clear hard plastic packaging, so you don’t slash something you didn’t intend, like a femoral artery. Now you’re thinking a pair in your home first aid kit might also be useful. Good on ya! I have A LOT of trauma shears.

The RoadGunner would say “you needs to get you some Basic First Aid training”. I suggest the American Red Cross. They have a one-day class that covers CPR, too. My work pays for some of us to take the class every year. Yours might too if you asked.

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If you want some of the Really Good Trauma Shears, e-mail *this* lady. You need to buy at least a dozen to get them for under $2 each, including s/h. I believe these are the same trauma shears Gall's sells for $5 each. Regardless, you won't be dissapointed with their quality. You'll find places to stash at least half a dozen (First Aid kits, PTKs, kitchen drawer, glove box, Bug Out Bag, night stand drawer :-), and you can give the rest away.

Strip 'em & Flip 'em