Right-click Save Link As on the episode title/number to download an mp3, or click it to play it.

GunDudesEpisode 192
This week Stan announces that he's building an AR10. So we go visit Joseph Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry to talk about their AR10 builds.

They also refer to Chinese SKS rifles but neglect to make the obvious joke.

GunDudesEpisode 191
This week Tom,Travis,and Steve are recording at a local ICOR match. So they took the opportunity to talk about the event.

GunDudesEpisode 190
On this weeks show, Tommy informs us that he shot the IDPA Classifier again and finally made Expert. So we made fun of him while talking about how to shoot the Classifier.

Here are their
IDPA Classifier hints:
Stage 1
Practice Head Shots.
Don't miss the Head Shots.
Strings 5 & 7 - One handed shooting - make tight fist against chest with other hand.
Stage 2
String 1 - Shoot while moving forward - take Giant Step while drawing, then Baby Steps.
String 2 - Shoot while moving backwards - draw & take Baby Steps.
String 4 - El Presidente.
String 4 - One handed shooting - make tight fist against chest with weak hand.
Stage 3
String 1 - Do Reload with Retention - Eject & stow partial mag. Draw & insert new mag.
String 2 - Before moving from barricade to barrel, do Tactical Reload - Draw spare mag & place between Index & Middle finger, eject mag into Palm between Thumb & Forefinger, insert new mag, move while stowing original mag.

String 3 - Start arm's length from barrel. Drop to both knees while drawing.
Lean out, shoot, lean out, shoot, lean out, shoot (rather than slicing the pie).

GunDudesEpisode 189
This episode was hectic but we managed to settle down for an interview with Massad Ayoob to talk about MAG 40.

GunDudesEpisode 188
This week we are joined in studio by the un-named trucker from the Road Gunner podcast. We went off a lot, (mostly mocking each other), but we did get around to discussing training for one handed shooting.

Some of the links mentioned: Gun guy Books, it's a book store for guys who like guns.

Also, the YouTube link for the song Afraid of Firearms.

GunDudesEpisode 187
This week we did another jigsaw type show because of difficulties in getting together. We still made it though with an interview Tommy did with custom knife maker Liong Mah, of CRKT.

Here's the link for the tactical mug we mentioned.
Also, the Ultrasonic cleaner from Harbor Freight.

GunDudesEpisode 186
This week we interview Jason Silva who's on the board of directors for the Students for Concealed Carry. Here's a link to their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ConcealedCampus

Here's the link to the book The Seduction of Eva Volk, a book that offers "an incredibly accurate picture of village life under National Socialism."

GunDudesEpisode 185
This week we took a physicist shooting with us while we tested our Crimson Trace Light Guard and Laser Grips.

Our links start with the Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop With .45 Because of Facebook Post

Next we go to making fun of Carl with the Utilikilts. For the man who want's to show off his Scottish/Irish heritage while still being able to carry in the pocket.

Also, there's the short arms jokes at T-Rex trying.

Next we have the story about a good man being tried for murder in a self defense case.

Last is the link for the Canadian concealed carry organization.

GunDudesEpisode 184
This week in the break room we have the pleasure of recording in a brand new, local gun shop where we talked about basic tools for general upkeep of your guns

GunDudesEpisode 183
This week we finally have Jon Hodoway on the show to talk about Nighthawk Custom Training Academy and Nighthawk Custom 1911 pistols. The rest of the time is spent mocking.

Shot Show Outtake
This is the outtake that Tom mentioned in his micro-casts during the 2012 shot show.

GunDudesEpisode 182
This week Tom and Jason Christensen return from Las Vegas to give their final thoughts on the 2012 Shot Show.

Shot Show Day 5
This is the last microcast for the 2012 Shot Show. It's an interview with Doug Tarter from Fort Knox Safes, and also an interview with Zack Carlson from Lone Wolf Dist.

Shot Show Day 4
Tom wraps up day 4 of the shot show.

Shot Show Day 3
More interviews and thoughts from day 3 of the shot show.

Shot Show Day 2
The Un-named Trucker joins Tom for some great interviews for day 2 of the Shot Show.
Also, interviews with Champion shooter Jerry Miculek, and the C.E.O. of NextLevel Training, Mike Hughes.

Shot Show Day 1
Tommy gives us his review of day 1, media day. Where the media gets together with the vendors to try out the new products.

(You can tell he had a blast... and we all hate him for it)

GunDudesEpisode 181
This week we have another quick episode but we eliminated the topic because Tom and Jason will be at the shot show this next week so we will be posting a number of micro-casts to make up for it.

This first link is not really gun related but it is Firefly related which is close enough for us. It's a link to the Chinese swear words and their meaning's from the TV show.

Next is a link for the AR-15 engraved dust covers.

GunDudesEpisode 180
This week, the fantastic duo X2 are all back together with the addition of our good friend Steve Koski.
We started talking about trigger pull but like usual we ended up talking all over the place.

GunDudesEpisode 179
We are back, finally, so we went shooting with one of our MAG 40 friends, Trent Snyder. We were able to shoot both the bolt action and AR10 style .308, so that became our topic.

GunDudesEpisode 178
We managed to scrape together a micro-cast this week with the help from Leth in New Jersey. He sent us a gun review of the Mauser C-96. (Think of the pistol that Han Solo uses in Star Wars, it's the same.)

GunDudesEpisode 177
This week we were barely able to get together so we decided to talk about our Christmas buy list.

GunDudesEpisode 176
This week we give you our interview, done by Stan and Travis, with Joe Chetwood and George Hill at the Crossroads of the West gun show.

GunDudesEpisode 175
This week we all went shooting to sight in our new AR15 builds, so we talk about our different triggers. Then we fall into our normal habits and switch to talking about the builds themselves.

Here is the link we mentioned on the show for the mother and her 3 daughters in need,
http://truckerrich.com/trucking-santas/ also, You can help by clicking this link to the walmart registry: http://www.walmart.com/giftregistry/gr_detail.do?registry_id=26771721242

GunDudesEpisode 174
On this week's show we interview Mike Hughes, CEO of Next Level Training ( makers of the SIRT training pistol ) and finalist on the hit show Top Shot. http://nextleveltraining.com/

GunDudesEpisode 173
For this week's show we pulled out our 2nd interview that we were able to do with nationally ranked revolver shooter Mark Terry where we talked about getting into competition revolver shooting.

First we need to mention the GunDudes hat pre-order and t-shirt order go to this link http://www.handgunusa.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=10&zenid=b356b86b34303b6e8e7d2ed750dc4caf

Next is the "how to clean your Glock" video from YouTube (may not be Safe for work), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1m6Qct68wo&feature=player_embedded

Finally, here's a link to the story from Kyle Williams in USCCA magazine about taking his 4 year old and 3 year old daughters shooting. https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/ccm-departments/letters-to-the-editor/old-enough-to-go-shooting/

GunDudesEpisode 172

This week's show is our first Skype interview that we have been able to get to work by ourselves, (thanks to Eric Shelton and Zack Carlson for their help). We talk to Zack from Lone Wolf Dist about affordable ways to upgrade your Glock on a tight budget, and even piece together a new gun.

To contact Zack, email zack@lonewolfdist.com, also check out his Lone Wolf blog to for events and other deals.

GunDudesEpisode 171
This week we talk about lead poisoning from shooting with our guest, Nationally ranked revolver shooter, Mark Terry.

The skin cleaning towels and special soap we mentioned that were recommended to us by Gail Peppin can be found at
ESCA Tech Inc.

Here is the link for the GunDude hat pre-order and to vote for your favorite GunDude http://grrn.handgunusa.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=10

Last, here's an article sent from Joe in NY about where to seek refuge in a city of over 8 million during a zombie attack http://nymag.com/guides/everything/zombies/refuge-2011-10/

GunDudesEpisode 170
This week in the break room, we are all here in one way or another because Travis interviewed the Un-Named Trucker from the Road Gunner podcast.

This link is to the story in Oklahoma about the Zombie's VS. Humans fight on campus http://www.ocolly.com/zombies-arrive-on-campus-1.2654347

GunDudesEpisode 169
On this week's show, we interview Joe Chetwood from Crusader Weaponry, and talk about their training, their gunsmithing, and their slipstream super lubricant.

The first link is to Lone Wolf Distributors. It's for the conversion that allows you to convert your standard G19, G23, or G32 pistol into a genuine long slide. http://www.lonewolfdist.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1099&CAT=255

Next we wanted to link to the YouTube video from Jim Heffelfingers Jumpin Jack Camp and his large quarry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COcr1ZZGfAY

Lastly, we HAD to mention Hornady's Zombie Max Ammo.
Z-max ammo is For Real!

GunDudesEpisode 168
This week we asked a very recent attendee of the training school Front Sight about his experience and we attempt to address some of the myths surrounding their classes.

The first link is for the singing bird pistols that sold at Christies http://www.christies.com/singing-bird-pistols-en-1422-3.aspx

Last is an app on the iPhone for shooters, that helps you practice more effectively. It's called practice deck.

GunDudesEpisode 167
This week we have Steve Koski return to talk about the IDPA World shoot in Florida.

On June 14-17, 2012 The Massad Ayoob Group will be coming to Southwest Michigan in Battle Creek to hold a MAG40 course. You can go to artrade.biz for details. 

This next one we mentioned on the show is for the dad who doesn't want to carry around a girly diaper bag. It's called Combat Daddy Equipment

Here's also a link to see it on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/CDEgear

This last is the link to the Iraq church ceremony where they empty the world's supply of ammo into the sky http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f27_1317087581

GunDudesEpisode 166
The untouchable trio is back together with Stan's father in law to talk a little bit about his experience in aquiring his CCW permit in Colorado. We end with a little more about Mag40.

GunDudesEpisode 165
This is our last "micro cast" for the Mag 40 class where Stan, Carl, and Daniel Shaw of the Gunfighter cast give some of their final thoughts.

GunDudesEpisode 164
This is another micro cast where we talk about some of the overwhelming information we are trying to take in.

GunDudesEpisode 163
This episode is a microcast from our set up day before MAG 40. We talk about what we will be shooting, our visit to the Browning Museum with Massad Ayoob and Gail Peppin, and our crummy room.

GunDudesEpisode 162
This week we cram in some talk about our upcoming MAG40 class, as well as Tom's review of his Lee Loadmaster.

One of the sites mentioned were the McFadden Ultimate Clip Loader, for quickly loading your .22.

Last was the article in Field and Stream, about the million dollar party poppers, http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/gun-nuts/2011/09/445-million-dollar-party-poppers-libya#comments

GunDudesEpisode 161
This week's episode is brought to us by our Red Shirts. Travis, Stave, and Jason talk about the ammunition problems at our recent, local UDPL super shoot. Carl's just there because he can't bear to let go and miss an episode.

Some of the links mentioned were: Disabled vet asks city to return weapons

Then we have a few recommendations for suppressors. first is for Tactical Innovations. The next one is for a company called Silencer Co.

Next is a link to the GRRN forums where we are being asked to contact our representative and urge their support to eliminate gun free zones in Michigan! http://gunrightsradio.com/forums2/index.php?topic=5682.0

GunDudesEpisode 160
This week on GunDudes we interview Joey Mittleman of Mt. Nebo Training, about First Aid and some good things to have in your First Aid kits. www.mtnebotraining.com

Some of the sites mentioned were, accurate reloading, http://www.accuratereloading.com/ , a forum for reloading.

Hill people gear is a site offering another alternative for carrying while hiking http://www.hillpeoplegear.com/

Next is the KaBar zombie killing sword knife http://www.lapolicegear.com/kabar-zk-war-sword.html

This next link is for the Firearm blog, the link goes to a story of a negligent discharge. It's worth watching.

Last is a link to the 81 year old and her shooting organization back in Mississippi http://meridianstar.com/local/x531749270/These-women-pack-heat

GunDudesEpisode 159
On this weeks episode we finally give our review of the Bulgarian AK74 that Carl purchased from Arms of America.

GunDudesEpisode 158
This week we record in our North studio and Travis tries his hand at editing.

For our topic we discuss pocket pistols or BUG guns. (That's Back-Up Guns.)

GunDudesEpisode 157
On this weeks episode, Stan leads our discussion on clearing a barrel obstruction.

Then for our training tip Tom talk's about learning to lean.
Time: 48:10

GunDudesEpisode 156
This weeks episode was nearly lost but thanks to 2 Captain brothers, we were able to re-record a new episode. For our topic we talked about the early stages of getting your wife into shooting, (or even just tolerating guns).

Then for our extra we salvaged the training tip from the old recording and used it. Time:

GunDudesEpisode 155
This week's episode is our third micro cast. We were not able to get together to record but we wanted to give a report of the UDPL Night Shoot event.

GunDudesEpisode 154
This week both Stan and Travis are gone so Tom and Carl are joined by Jason from Concealment Solutions and one of our shooting friends James, to review the Rossi Ranch Hand .45 Colt lever action pistol.

This first link is for the Glock on a rope and chocolate Glock mentioned on this episode http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2011/07/14/chocolate-soap-glock-lawsuit-waiting-to-happen/

Next is a link sent to us from Gail Peppin about Snipershide.com They have a great forum and some awesome pics of painted up sniper rifles. 

This last one is from Dan, aka Charlie Foxtrot on the GRRN forums. He has an article published in the Cowboy Chronicle. This is the link to the online view of it

GunDudesEpisode 153
On this weeks episode Stan and Carl traveled down to central Utah, visiting the some of the members of utahshootouts.com, to attend a 1000 yard precision rifle shoot. We decided to just talk about our impressions of long distance shooting.

For the training tip, Tom talks about pushing through practice if mistakes are made.

Some of the things we mentioned were the ultra fire resistant, portable gun case from FirePod Safe , and the winner of the T-shirt giveaway.

GunDudesEpisode 152
This week Stan, Tom, and Carl finally get to do their review of the Lone Wolf G9 Carbine.

For our training tip Stan tells us plain and simple... get a shot timer if you want to improve.

GunDudesEpisode 151
This week Tom is back... so we decided to pick on him and talk about everything that he did wrong and what he should have done right to prepare for our recent shoot.
It's fun to dog pile on a friend when they are in pain.

The training tip was given by Tom himself about training in your home with a flashlight. He references Ruger's video training tips so here's the link http://www.ruger.com/resources/videos.html . From there go to "Ruger tactical tips", then "Flash light techniques". Time:

GunDudesEpisode 150
Everyone was wiped out and tired from the All Steel Challenge shoot we attended this Saturday so only the MEN, (Stan and Carl), stayed to record this episode. This week we interviewed a friend who was involved in a self defense situation, then later we talk about it for the topic. What did we take away from his experience? Training and always keep your gun on you.

GunDudesEpisode 149
On this weeks episode we have Eric Shelton, formerly of the Handgun Podcast, to help us talk about accidental and negligent discharges.

Then, in a surprisingly fitting quick training tip, we talk about slowing down.

GunDudesEpisode 148
On this weeks show we talk about the benefits of shooting with a club, specifically the fun shoots they put on. So we just shared some of our favorite stages from the organized shoots we have been to.

Later we introduce a new quick training tip before the emails.

GunDudesEpisode 147
This week we kicked the young ones out so Stan and Carl could talk about revolvers.

Some of the links mentioned were:

First, the Daniel Defense torture test

Also, we spoke about the upcoming Utah Appleseed project shoot in Kaysville, Utah June 10-11th.

GunDudesEpisode 146 - Rated NSFW
On this week's episode, we wanted to talk about open carrying and concealed carrying while hiking and backpacking, and the equipment you can use that can help make it easier. Some of the equipment mentioned:

The Maxpedition Versipack http://www.maxpedition.com/store/pc/Versipacks-c4.htm

or if you are a 24 fan, here's a link for the Jack Bauer messenger bag on Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Heavyweight-Classic-Messenger-Travel-Unisex/dp/B000H2B5GO

Also, we mentioned Stealth Defense holsters for under the shirt http://www.stealthdefenseholsters.com/

Then, for the hiding in plain site, there's Wilderness Safepacker http://www.thewilderness.com/storepinnacle/index.php?p=catalog&parent=171&pg=1

Last, we mentioned 2 chest holsters, Alaska Sportsman Chest holster http://www.alaskasportsmanproducts.com/

and Grizzly Tough http://www.grizzlytuff.com

This was the first Under The Radar episode.

GunDudesEpisode 145
This weeks show was hard for us to get together, so we split up the segments and did them with whomever was available.

We decided it has been a while since we have talked about How to get involved in the Gun Rights cause, (There's always something you can do).

GunDudesEpisode 144
This weeks episode we all got together to go shooting and test out the Timberwolf pistol we received from LoneWolfDist.com, (like we need an excuse to go shooting). Then we give our thoughts and humble review of it.

GunDudesEpisode 143
This week we have Jason Christensen, from Concealment Solutions Holsters, help us out. First we picked his brain about some of the new products he has coming out.

Then we did our review of Carl's PS90 rifle.

GunDudesEpisode 142
The sound is a little off at times on this episode because we were talking across the world with Daniel Shaw, of the Gunfighter Cast, in Japan. We just wanted to hear from one of our Marines and we thought you would, too.

This first link sent by Robert is for the sheriff asking for the mugshot of the day

Next is from Dustin's Gun Blog about Gov. Brewer vetoing campus carry in AZ

GunDudesEpisode 140
For this episode we were asked to say a little more about the SIRT training pistol and about Desert Tactical so we quickly touched on those subjects.

Then we had our IDPA guy Steve Koski talk about why we use less gunpowder when loading heavier bullets.

We also wanted to mention Canadian Reload Radio. It's a pro gun podcast up in Canada that's been around for about a year now.

GunDudesEpisode 139
This week we finally did our review of the SIRT training laser pistol we received from the folks at Lonewolfdist.com, we had a lot of fun using this trainer pistol and found it has some great benefits for those involved in competition especially. Here is the link to Lone Wolf to purchase one http://www.lonewolfdist.com/Products.aspx?CAT=251 Also, if you would like to see the training with the pistol applied, check out the training videos from the makers website http://nextleveltraining.com/video

Don't forget to check out Jay at Cobra Cord Designs on Facebook for his Paracord bracelets. http://www.facebook.com/login/setashome.php?ref=login#!/pages/Cobra-Cord-Designs/173329629381287

This next one's for the tactical fanboy. It's the full Molle suit http://onlygunsandmoney.blogspot.com/2011/04/for-tactical-fanboy.html

Here is the update on the KelTek KSG shotgun http://www.policemag.com/Blog/Firearms-And-Tactics/Story/2011/03/Kel-Tec-Incorporates-SHOT-Show-Feedback-Into-KSG.aspx

Last is a link to Jim's Jr. Jack Camp Facebook page for some pictures of their haul http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=33408&id=100001601551913&l=abd29a26bb

Also, our email was out of order for half the week but we are up and running again.

GunDudesEpisode 138
For this episode, we broke up the segments and recorded them at different times but  Stan and Travis were able to interview the folks at Desert Tactical. These guys know precision shooting. (The sound quality was a little difficult but we really wanted to get this interview out). To contact them call Ethan at 801-975-7272. or email him at sales@deserttacticalarms.com . For training send emails to training@deserttacticalarms.com

GunDudesEpisode 137
We almost missed this episode but thanks to the help of Eric Shelton from the Hand Gun Podcast, we were able to get this out to you. Because Eric has participated in, and was the Safety Officer for, MAG 40, we talked to him about what to expect if you attend. As usual when Eric is on the show, we had a lot of fun.

GunDudesEpisode 136
This weeks topic comes from our friend Steve Koski again.  It's from a Gabe Suarez article that talks about malfunction drills to get your gun back up and functioning quickly.

We have the sign up ready for the Massad Ayoob MAG 40 class here http://www.gundudessweatshop.com/

We wanted to point out Lone Wolf Distributors http://www.lonewolfdist.com/ if you want some GunDudes slide cover plates for your Glock. If anyone else wants their own or any other custom logo you can email Zack at zack@lonewolfdist.com .

We had a request to post
a link for a Wisconsin Concealed Carry Petition on the Wisconsin Gun Owners website. http://wisconsingunowners.org/wisconsin-concealed-carry-petition/

Last is a link from Dan about the trigger upgrade for his M&P from Burwell Guns http://www.burwellguns.com/

GunDudesEpisode 135
This week we finally get around to doing a review of Tom's Head Down Products XPR BR AR-15.
(We learned that he loves it more than his FS 2000.)

GunDudesEpisode 134
This week Travis tried his hand at editing the show and attempting his first interview with Darren at Alpine Innovations.

Tom and Carl talk about a UDPL match and we hack on Stan a bit for being the red shirt this week.

Check out Alpine Innovations gear at www.alpineproducts.com and tell 'em the GunDudes sent you.

GunDudesEpisode 133
This week we asked Neldon Groo with the Friends of the NRA to come back and quickly tell us about the upcoming banquet and what guns will be there for the auction. Including the Gun of the Year from Colt. Everyone but Commie Tom will love it.
Here is the link to the Friends of the NRA Gun of the Year picture

Next was from mike Hiler, he sent us an email about
a bill that was introduced in the house in Michigan to eliminate the verbage of the firearms code which prohibits carry in Places such as Bars, Churches, Daycare, Schools, Sports Arenas with Capacity over 2500 people, which are listed as "gun free.".  He would like to ask that we make a plea to all our Michigan listeners to send their representatives a note, and tell them to support the bill. Here's a link to the actual bill http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2011-2012/billintroduced/House/pdf/2011-HIB-4009.pdf . Here's help to find your representative http://www.house.mi.gov/find_a_rep.asp . Last is a petition to support the bill http://www.petitiononline.com/MIHB4009/petition.html

GunDudesEpisode 132
This week we finally packed up and took a trip to see the John Moses Browning museum, (everyone but Tom... does he really hate 1911's?). Had a fun time so that is what our topic is for this episode.

Also, we had to post a link to the amateur HAM Radio program called EchoLink
http://www.echolink.org/ that you can use on your cell phone.

GunDudesEpisode 131
This week we interviewed Jason Christensen from Concealment Solutions to talk about his holster line. (Here's the link to his Facebook page) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Concealment-Solutions/157650014274409

Some of the links we mentioned...
Jim sent a link about shooting through a windshield http://www.srt-group.com/

Next was about Senator Schumer's concept of the three branches of the Federal government. http://gunrightsradio.com/forums2/index.php/topic,5841.0.html

Last but very importantly, (for Stan at least), is the link to the scientist in South Carolina who is growing MEAT!!! http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110130/sc_nm/us_food_meat_laboratory_feature

GunDudesEpisode 129
This is the 2nd microcast that finishes up our sprint through the Shot Show.

GunDudesEpisode 128
This is our preliminary findings from our first day at Shot Show.  Stan and Carl list just a few of the vendors that stuck out to them as they wandered the basement of the Sands Convention Center.

Mentioned: Roni pistol carbine conversion http://www.ematactical.com/viewCategory.asp?catID=376
Gun Toten Mamas, concealed carry handbags http://www.guntotenmamas.com/
Adventure medical kits http://www.adventuremedicalkits.com/
Head Down Products silencer http://www.headdownproducts.com/shop/silencers/index.cfm
X-treme bullets http://xtremebullets.com/
Lapua ballistic software http://www.lapua.com/en/customer-center/lapua-ballistics/lapua-ballistics-software.html
Kestrel weather wind meters http://www.nkhome.com/kestrel/
Ultimate Survival Technologies (fire starting ect...) http://www.ultimatesurvival.com/camping-hiking/index.php?product_ID=427
Viridian green laser sights http://www.viridiangreenlaser.com/
TruGlo TFO sights http://www.truglo.com/
Blade-Tech pancake style holster (the Eclipse) http://www.blade-tech.com/home.php
Ammo-Up brass picker-upper. http://www.ammoupusa.com/

GunDudesEpisode 127
This week we are joined by our IDPA friend Steve again and he wanted to talk about a couple of mini topics. Looking at your holster while holstering, and finger on or off the trigger in a confrontation.

Our first link was sent to us by Bert about the quality shoulder holsters

Last, we have a link from Mark, he
wanted to let us all know that he is giving away a free years membership or membership renewal to the NRA each month this year. He thought it was a great way to get folks involved who might not otherwise sign up. Winners can gift their prize to someone as well. Sign up through his blog at http://njfirearms.blogspot.com

GunDudesEpisode 126
This week we wanted to talk about practicing for competition or personal defense with multiple targets. We also go into your set up that you can use to simulate distance when you only have one target stand.

We mentioned a few links as well. First was for grip from Travis Haley of MagPul Dynamics - this is a quick excerpt that we think explains it very well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nm9uG5bPubw .   

Last is a link for the self sealing rubber targets. http://www.newboldtargets.com/

GunDudesEpisode 125
We are back after a long Christmas break. We thought we would get back to topics and talk about sub-compact vs full size pistols.

This is the link sent in by Jim about the border patrol agent killed because he had to use a bean bag gun instead of a real one.

GunDudesEpisode 124
This is our Christmas episode so for our topic we talked about our Christmas gun wish list.

Then we read
Ode to the GunDudes and your Christmas cards to your gun.

GunDudesEpisode 123
We were visited by Eric Shelton from the Hand Gun Podcast this week so its a long one and we barely even get to a topic so this episode is just our 2 shows trying to do a regular episode, but ends up with us mocking each other.

One link from Dave is from http://www.caprc.com/ (California Precision Rifle Club)

GunDudesEpisode 122
This week we all did our S.O. training, (safety officer), for I.D.P.A. so we decided to get everyone together and talk about it.

Also we get an update from Travis about the Drew Project for our soldiers.

Note the missing 11-27-10 episode. UPS was killing the GunDudes ;-)

GunDudesEpisode 121
This week it's just Stan and Carl but we talk about a lot.

Our topic is about buying "cheap" to get into this hobby.

Also in the email we talk about adopting a soldier
http://www.soldiersangels.org/adopt_a_soldier.php , cartridge gauge's, the Samson field survivor tool (here's a Youtube link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0VivfWqmXU , and a little more about our own Drew project for soldiers.

GunDudesEpisode 120
This weeks topic was brought to us by Travis. He wanted to talk about something he is doing with his community and has gotten us into.  A soldier in Iraq brought to his attention other soldiers who were just getting by with the bare minimum and living in very poor conditions, so Trav's neighborhood is putting together some things for those soldiers.

This link is for The Concealment Solutions Facebook page. When he reaches 100 people who like this page he will randomly pick one of you to receive a free Black Mamba holster.http://www.facebook.com/pages/Orem-UT/Concealment-Solutions/157650014274409?v=wall .

This link is for the polymer targets link sent by Cliff. They are much less than steel. 

GunDudesEpisode 119
This weeks episode was brought to us by Stan. He has been in the hunting mindset so he wanted to talk about the top 10 (or 11) things to bring when hunting, camping, fishing, or just hiking in the back country. We finish it off with "our" recommendations for pistols to take with you.

This link is for the survival equipment Stan mentioned.

Then our friend marC posted a link on Nunya.net to get your NRA membership for only $25
. http://www.nunya.net/nra

GunDudesEpisode 118
We have Doug Tarter from Fort Knox Safe's on the show again to talk about a few GunDudes exclusives. A few safe add-ons, like a safe within a safe or a safe door cover with extra pouches and holsters to free up more room inside, as well as a new vehicle safe. If you want to get a hold of Doug you can email him directly at doug@ftknox.com or call him 801-821-5216

GunDudesEpisode 117
This week we wanted to lightly talk about Halloween and carrying as well as a brief talk on going out and voting. It's a shorter topic but even our listeners deserve a break. Also, if you happen to hear a light saber at some point in the show, please send your hate mail to Tom at mailto:radio@gundudes.com.

Reminder for those wanting to track their legislators voting. Check out the previous weeks links in episode 116.

GunDudesEpisode 116
This week we wanted to talk about holsters so we went into a few differences between leather vs polymer as well as going through some of our favorite holsters.

Some of the links we mentioned were, Legistalker, for tracking your politician, http://legistalker.org/

You can go to this site http://www.nrapvf.org/  to see how your states politician has been voting.

Last is the
Arms of America new 10% off deal for the listeners, http://armsofamerica.com/index.aspx?dc=Gundudes

GunDudesEpisode 115
For some reason, in this episode we go off on Burger King, then we get into the gun talk. We start with an interview with a few friends about a great local shooting spot.

Then we end by talking about Project Appleseed, http://www.appleseedusa.org/ .  (The Revolutionary War Veterans Association also links up with this site).

GunDudesEpisode 114
We are all back this week and we couldn't stop Tom from talking about defensive shotgun. We did try to interrupt but he was able to power through and give some good information.

GunDudesEpisode 113
We just got back from another IDPA match so the only people available to help out with the show were Steve Koski and Bruce, who has helped us out on a few previous shows. (and little Carl). We decided to talk about teaching kids, (and sometimes new shooters), to shoot. We give some of our advice and a few experiences that have worked for us.

GunDudesEpisode 112
This week our resident marksman Steve Koski wanted to talk about safety. Apparently he has seen too many mistakes and he wanted to share some of his tips.

and no Easter Egg after the show :-(

GunDudesEpisode 110
Everyone is here for this episode. Because hunting, (or huntin') season is here Stan wanted to bring us back to reality and talk about sighting in your hunting rifle that's been stored away.  You may think it is still dead on after your last shoot but, you should always prepare before you go out and find that you are shooting off.

GunDudesEpisode 109
This week is another mix during the different segments. Steve Koski helped Carl and Tom out with the News and Misfire section as well as the e-mails. Then we took out the topic that was recorded and just Stan and Carl finished up our Zombie discussion.

GunDudesEpisode 108
This weeks topic is one that entertained us so we decided to go with it. We wanted to talk about the Zombie Apokolipse (ROR Apocalypse). Identifying zombies, where to shoot them, and the beginings of what may be a two part show on preparing for those rotting corpses.

Here is he link for the comparison of the AK47, AR15, and Mosin Nagant that Stan mentioned on the show. http://www.mouseguns.com/compare.htm

GunDudesEpisode 107
The first 3rd of this recording has a small background noise but we managed to fix that for the rest of the show.

We decided to discuss Mass Ayoob's "The Phenomenon of Auditory Exclusion" (that's tunnel hearing) here's the link... http://www.atlanticsignal.com/mh3/pages/tpoae.html

There's a lot of joking around in this episode to make it less dry but we had fun recording it.

GunDudesEpisode 106
This week Steve Koski, Travis, and Carl are talking about range bags.

We were missing Stan so we were not able to do e-mails so the 3rd part was a quick review.

Thanks to Marc for directing us to Nunya.net again for Steve's comparison of the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock

GunDudesEpisode 105
This weeks topic is from a listeners email again about the likes and dislikes of the different trigger systems. Also at the very end we announce that we have the first order of t-shirts in our possession.

GunDudesEpisode 104
We had a lot of fun recording this one. We invited Doug Tarter, from Fort Knox Safes, to talk about safes with us. Because there were five of us there we went a little longer to make up for the shorter episode last week.

GunDudesEpisode 103
It was just Tom and Carl this episode, so we decided to make it a shorter one and just talked a little about technique and ways to get help with bad habits. Stan did make an appearance in the extra for just a few minutes.

GunDudesEpisode 102
In this episode we do our review on flashlights. We go into the different kinds of lights and batteries, as well as different views on how to use them.

This first link was sent to us by Arden about a local gunsmith to check out. He was mentioned on the Gunfighter Cast as well. http://www.crusaderweaponry.com/

This last one is by Dan. It's about Louisiana church goers being allowed to bring their guns. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/07/08/gun-control-advocates-decry-louisianas-new-law-allowing-churchgoers-pack-heat/?test=latestnews

GunDudesEpisode 101
This week we have Steve Koski back to talk about his experiment with interchanging parts on a 4th Gen, and a 3rd Gen Glock.

Also we talk about our test shooting with HeadDown Products  XBR 15  BR. That's one of their solid billet aluminum AR15's.

This first link is from John Richardson about his blog posting about Alan Gura's next target, North Carolina. http://onlygunsandmoney.blogspot.com/2010/06/alan-guras-next-target-north-carolinas.html

Next, after Tommy went on about California's gun laws we received some corrections from Anthony and Johnathan with this link to correct info about California's gun laws. http://www.calguns.net/

Last we are posting a link to Jim Hefflefingers story done by ESPN
. http://sports.espn.go.com/outdoors/hunting/news/story?id=5319511

GunDudesEpisode 100 (2nd attempt)
This is our second attempt at episode 100 but it worked out.

We went on an IDPA night shoot until about 2:30am so we waited until we were delirious to record the topic section, which was about the night shoot. Check out our IDPA night shoot pictures. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?aid=223210&id=103570491053&ref=mf

GunDudesEpisode 99
​It's all about First Aid this week. If you have ever been out shooting and needed a simple band-aid or something a little more serious, we give a few helpful tips on kits we want or even have because of our own experiences that come with of age. (More so from Stan).

Some of the links we mentioned were:
Cavalry Arms for great first aid kits http://www.cavalryarms.com/medical/medical.html

This next one is for the "using a pig for demonstration purposes" of quick clot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9xvIbKBJn4

Jared sent us a link to all the info you would need to buy a gun in the UK. It's a little extensive http://www.ukgundealer.com/rules.htm

Also, Check out our new Sponsor at Head Down Products http://www.headdownproducts.com/gundudes/ and when you go through this link, you get 100 $ off when you purchase one of their XPR-15 Rifles.

GunDudesEpisode 98
​This weeks episode is a bit piece meal because of vacations. Luckily we were able to record or topic in advance with Steve Koski about how he trains for IDPA shoots.

This first link is to a blog sent by John in regards to our topic from ep. 97 http://onlygunsandmoney.blogspot.com/2010/06/another-way-to-honor-our-veterans.html

Next is the link sent in by Jay about the new Chiappa pistol http://www.ammoland.com/2009/12/31/chiappa-firearms-rhino-357-magnum-revolver/

Last is the post sent in by Bryan Mennie about the England shooting. Its an article by Gavin Foster. http://www.thoughtleader.co.za/gavinfoster/2010/06/03/6192

GunDudesEpisode 97
​Though the show starts and ends mostly like normal. We do our own little tribute to veteran's for Memorial Day by adjusting our topic to recording your families experiences of military service so you can pass them down to their posterity. Ask them questions and show them we care by listening to how they sacrificed for us.

Lastly, we substituted the normal email section to read some of the submissions about you the listeners, first gun.

We added our own little twist to that as well.

GunDudesEpisode 96
This week we finally did our own review of the Gen 4 Glock 22 and the Warren Sevigny fiber optic mix sights.

The only link we are posting this week is from Jason Christian about software for documenting your guns http://www.somanyroads.org/gunsafe

GunDudesEpisode 95
This week we talk about being careful in how you present yourself to others, especially anti gunners. Also we recap about an older topic, Documenting your guns.

First link is a redo from a few episodes ago about skinning a jack rabbit from Jim Hefflefinger's Jr. Jack Kamp http://www.hotvideotube.net/video/Bw4ZfLBx8p4/How-to-Clean-a-Jackrabbit.html

Next Guy Yollins sent this in about x-grips for the M&P http://x-grips.com/products/sw.html

Last is a link to the Examiners Eric Puryear who's articles we love because they always have a good slant on gun ownership http://www.examiner.com/x-18149-SelfDefense-Examiner?showbio

GunDudesEpisode 94
This week we wanted to do another "short"show so we got this one down to about 50 minutes. We were missing Stan again so we were fortunate to get Steve Koski, just back from the Arizona State IDPA finals, so we talked with him about their course and the match in general.

This first link is from Roger about how Nevadaians are open carrying

We mentioned Scott Lewis's new gun blog about his experiences and learnings as a new gun owner

This next one was sent in by Vic about CSU Rescinds Campus Gun Ban

Jeff the Sleeper sent in this great link for the Family Watch Dog that alerts you when a criminal moves in near you

Last, Kirk sent in this article about the new "Chilli Grenade" that we just loved

GunDudesEpisode 93
This weeks topic is about supporting your local gun store so we went and interviewed the 2 owners of Discount Guns and Ammo, Kevin and Norvin. Here's a link to their site http://www.discountgunandammo.com/ . Interview goes from 34:55 to 55:55. Although this is our local store the message still applies to your own local stores. We have to support them and make sure they stay around.

GunDudesEpisode 92
We just got back from a local UDPL shoot and we loved it. We will talk a little about that. Also we answer a listener email about reloading.

GunDudesEpisode 91
This weeks show is a whopping 1 hour and 27 minutes so we are putting in some minutes for our listeners in case they want to jump around. Our topic is an interview with Nick Moyse who was all over our local news here for getting into trouble for open carrying while on campus, which is legal here,That is from 29:17 to 1:03:04.   Luckily he was able to turn on his iPhone to record the 2nd half of his conversation with the UVU campus police, here is the link to that Youtube recording http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjaQJs8eoMk

Here's the link sent in by Damon saying "could Arkansas be the next to allow constitutional carry http://www.fox16.com/news/local/story/Arkansans-consider-pros-and-cons-of-conceal-and/2dwjId7FqUmbUM4GUerq6Q.cspx?rss=315

Next is from Byran Mene in South Africa, he says "We are running a weekend getaway giveaway at a 5 star luxury resort.  this is being done completely to support gun rights here in South Africa and who knows might serve as a great incentive for some US based members to win a great excuse to come and visit us down here!" http://www.gunsite.co.za/forums/showthread.php?t=7402

Last is another link to Dustin's Gun Blog about Arizona finally signing Constitutional carry into law http://dustinsgunblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/az-governor-brewer-signed.html

Last, I mentioned posting the info about Jim Hefflefinger's Junior Jack Kamp but I don't know how, so I found one of his videos on cleaning jack rabbits and after it's over there are more links to videos of his Kamp. I love these http://www.hotvideotube.net/video/Bw4ZfLBx8p4/How-to-Clean-a-Jackrabbit.html

GunDudesEpisode 90
This week we attended one of our local IDPA matches and we were lucky to meet up with our IDPA guy, Steve Koski. Since Stan and Travis were unavailable, we convinced Steve to record with us again.

Our topic was sent in from Marc and it asked about mag holders, so we took out the mag holsters we had and used at the competition and talked about them.

This first link was sent by D Hamilton about the American Airgunner commercial that's supposed to remind us of Tom. It's pretty close http://www.americanairgunner.com/airforce/af-spot.html

Next is the link from Bryan Mene in South Africa http://davekopel.org/2A/Foreign/South-Africas-Deadly-Disaster.htm

Last is an article sent in by Kyle Riley about a Ohio judge telling people to "arm themselves" amid budget cuts http://www.durangoherald.com/sections/News/2010/04/10/Amid_cuts_Ohio_judge_tells_residents_to_carry_guns/

GunDudesEpisode 89
A lot of goofing off in this episode, which is probably why it's so long. We just briefly responded to last weeks episode but...

How do you respond to someones belief's?  So we just pointed out some references, like Gun Facts, and if the person can't then see reason, the conversation is over. We really couldn't add more since James buried himself with his odd "logic".

However the 2nd break Gun Facts commercial put's everything into place just fine for us.

Here's the link to the article MarC mentioned on the show about, How to get the signs to come down at "NO GUNS" businesses. http://www.buckeyefirearms.org/node/7179

Also here's a few from Bryan Mennie, in South Africa, expressly for James http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/capital-gun-crime-rises-by-50-per-cent-524068.html

And Lastly, for Gun Facts. Download the PDF and you can reference this treasure trove of information anytime http://www.gunfacts.info/

GunDudesEpisode 88
This week we were joined by our misfire awards announcer James, from the UK. The topic just sort of evolved into a friendly discussion about guns. James is not for guns, though we are trying to convert him, so we thought it would be interesting to hear how he views it. Keep in mind that he is a friend so the discussion was very casual but we wanted everyone to see how different the other side of the pond's views can be. (It does make me think of one of Tony Brown's episodes about 2nd class citizens, and if you are told something enough you can start to believe it, if it's true or not. >Carl)

This first link is for a Glock tool to disassemble Glock mags and clean/measure/replace springs http://mygtul.com/

This next one is a link to our South African friend Bryan Mennie's interview http://www.gunsite.co.za/forums/showthread.php?t=7008

GunDudesEpisode 87
It was just Stan and Carl this episode, Tom may have slept in. We were asked to talk about the growing number of criminals and their wearing of body armor and that went to training and ended with us talking about dry firing for practice in your own home. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Adam with the Rocky Mountain Machine Gun Shoot sent us this link about their upcoming event http://www.rmfcsa.org/ , and just in case, here's a link to Adams work Barrett Brothers LLC http://www.barrettbrothersllc.com/

Another one of our listeners sent us this link for a MA movement to check out http://www.northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/showthread.php/95517-My-challenge-to-you .

GunDudesEpisode 86
This time round we asked Steve Koski, our local IDPA guy to come back on and talk to us about the upcoming season. Also, we read an email from Mike Romer about his bail out bag as well as what we have in our bags.

GunDudesEpisode 85
Hey! we got this one out on time. We received a few questions about CCW and bad weather. Specifically, alternate methods of carry and practicing when bad weather and extra clothing get in the way.

GunDudesEpisode 84
We barely got this episode out this week because of a raging virus that could only have been sent by our nemesis Eric Shelton, (we can't prove this but it's always better to jump to conclusions right?). Luckily we were able to salvage our interview with Chris Horne from HornsCustomRifles.com. The rest of the episode is a "micro cast".

GunDudesEpisode 83
This episode we start the topics off by quickly talking about using the bathroom while carrying concealed.

Then we talk to Neldon Groo with the Friends of the NRA about their upcoming banquet and about participating in your areas own organization.

GunDudesEpisode 82
Perfectly timed for Valentines day, we received an email asking about concealed carry for women. Luckily for us, Tom was able to get in touch with his feminine side and walk us through this one.

GunDudesEpisode 81
This weeks topic was a little bit obscure. It was about drawing first or reacting because of a scientific study saying that reacting is faster. However, our view is that if you TRAIN and practice, then you will be more aware and better able to anticipate and hopefully prepare.

Also we mentioned in the news and article from Oklahoma where the suspect looks similar to our friend at the handgun podcast, Eric Shelton, http://www.news9.com/Global/story.asp?S=11918427

Next is a story sent in by Kirk about India groups embracing the right to bear arms http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/01/31/AR2010013102079_pf.html

Here is another link to Dustin's gun blog about Project Appleseed http://dustinsgunblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/project-appleseed.html

Another listener, sent in a link about survival straps http://www.survivalstraps.com/

GunDudesEpisode 80
This week we talked about convincing the spouse to accept, or even just tolerate guns in the home.

This first link is the Hitler video on youtube about his reaction to the new price tag on the new ACR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB0Pu-rvFjs .

This next one has nothing to do with guns but it made us laugh anyway's. Its for the D&D soda that's schooper shweet http://www.myjones.com/limited/wizards

GunDudesEpisode 79
We had more technical difficulties and lost the entire episode with Carl, Tom, and Travis so Carl and Tom got together and re-recorded. The topic was from a listener question asking about getting started with tactical vests, (Tom loved this).

This first link is for the England news report about the American self defense expert Tim Larkin's trip over there and the news teams thoughts about the need for self defense http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9NdHwn_sIs

Here is a quick link for the 2010 shot show review on the Gen. 4 Glock http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLyvcJ1wgpw

This one is a link to the story about Trijicon's inscribing each product with Bible codes

GunDudesEpisode 78
We had some technical problems with the email this week but we were able to get a shows worth through the use of our phones email abilities. This week we used another listeners suggestion and talked about buying a used gun.

Here's the link for the Washington state assault weapons ban http://apps.leg.wa.gov/documents/billdocs/2009-10/Pdf/Bills/Senate%20Bills/6396.pdf If you are in Washington, write in to your representatives and let them know this is not acceptable to you. 

This last link is for those in Indiana. It's a link to a forum there for gun owners http://ingunowners.com/forums/

GunDudesEpisode 77
We went with another listener email for our topic again, which came from Curtis, and decided to talk about picking up your garbage after you go shooting. Especially if you live someplace where you can just go out of city limits and shoot out in the wilderness. Because we are gun owners and shooters we have a lot of anti-gunners watching us and we don't need to give them fuel to use against us. Use the scout creed and leave the place better than you found it.

This youtube link was sent in by topper. I'ts just a simple song titled "I like guns". It made us laugh so we are putting it on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TC2xTCb_GU

Dustin from DustinsGunBlog wrote an article about his open carry experience in Oregon http://dustinsgunblog.blogspot.com/2010/01/open-carry-experience-in-oregon.html

GunDudesEpisode 76
This week we are talking about the 9 or 10 things that we look at when buying a gun, and which ones are more important to us individually.

John from Wisconsin sent in this link on youtube. It's called the warrior song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTs6a0ORdQU

This next one was sent in by David. We have been talking about crossbreed holsters and others like them, so he sent us a link to Comp-tac where he got his holster.

GunDudesEpisode 75
This episode we decided to talk about guns and kids, more importantly, teaching kids by spending time with them, and then keeping them interested by continuing to get them involved. Some of the links were:

Local story of gun rights group saying a citizens initiative to reform legislative ethics would require lawmakers to disclose whether they own guns http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705352298/Gun-advocates-question-legislative-ethics-initiative.html

This youtube video came about from an email we read last week about a police woman holding an AR15 with the magazine in backwards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VWIeK-LQc0

This one is from a story in NY where a gunman was shot dead by cops yet his family says police should have tried to stop him (while he was shooting at them) in another, less violent way http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/gunman_is_offed_way_B5440zEHsqss17OMFML9kM

GunDudesEpisode 74
For our Christmas show we did a lot of rambling, but we did manage to bring up staying in condition yellow especially during the holidays. Also we answered a question regarding using multiple guns to accommodate your attire vs just 1 concealed carry gun.

This first link is about an article talking about several states easing restrictions on gun laws http://shar.es/a8rrl

Next is an article about a bomb disposal Marine giving the 1 finger salute to the terrorists that blew him up http://www.snopes.com/photos/military/burghardt.asp

Another listener sent in these 2 links on youtube of Marines in combat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4ZrwBl-3cM and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_-11Ukgu8U

Last, we are posting a link to a story sent in by Gail Peppin from the ProArms podcast about a 9 month pregnant woman comming to the aid of an officer and whooping on some thugs http://www.officer.com/web/online/Top-News-Stories/Video--Pregnant-Woman-Aids-Texas-Officer/1$49719

GunDudesEpisode 73
This week we decided to ramble a little about barrels and barrel twist.

Also we said we would mention a few links like Tim's dog sled podcast http://www.sleddogpodcast.com

This is about the sheriff in Fresno who's gun policy is making sense, http://www.fresnobee.com/columnists/mcewen/story/1742726.html?storylink=addthis

Last is a link to the Ti Kwan Leep skit from our past http://www.webguys.com/pdavis/karate/tikwanleep.html . Not a lot about guns but we were in a mood to just ramble.

GunDudes Episode 72

Tom and Carl were joined by our local IDPA guy, Steve Koski. We were asked to talk about using a flashlight vs ruining your night vision. Also we talked about taking advantage of a dominant hand injury to practice weak hand shooting.

This is the FOX anti-gun skit on YouTube. http://youtube.com/watch?v=S7pGt_O1uM8

This link is for the article mentioned about the FBIs 1911.

This is the website link for the GUN CABINET in West Valley. They are offering GunDudes listeners a great deal for the month of December. http://www.guncabinetinutah.com/

Here is another youtube link for the multiple concealed weapons. This last one is for the ballistics and info Randy mentioned about a bullet crossing the sight plane.

GunDudes Episode 71
This week our topics came from listeners emails again. We cover a few things from our thoughts on pocket pistols, sighting in a hunting rifle, and carrying with a round in the "pipe" (loaded).

This first link is for the Fox skit where they rip on gun control. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3kUD6W8QaQ

This one is a quick one and was sent by Saudi Turel about a Korean girl shooting an MP40.

GunDudesEpisode 70
Today we interviewed Dennis Stilson, the author of the Gilmore Gun.

This link is for the Ode to forgetfulness we mentioned during the episode http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=7lSliucgygc

Here is the atricle of "facts" sent in by Tripp with gun control angles to check out to see how some reporters make it sound,  http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/business/jobs_employment/november_2009/26_have_worked_with_someone_they_thought_capable_of_mass_violence

This one was sent in by Art, it's a link to the How Stuff Works podcast on where is the best place to get shot http://health.howstuffworks.com/best-place-to-get-shot.htm

Here is the article sent in by Rich that blew me away. Its the "safe bedside table" http://www.katize.com/2007/08/11/sleep-tight-with-the-safe-bedside-table/

This next one I messed up on the caliber. I said it was a 10mm but its only a 9mm. I found where he review's the 10mm so still a lot of fun to watch, thanks Charles. http://www.youtube.com/user/hickok45#p/u/5/2b1f6qbTFwc

This last one was sent in by John about Michael Savage calling for the ban on "Assault weapons". http://www.michaelsavage.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=5193

GunDedesEpisode 69
This week is just Carl and Tom but don't worry because we also have part 2 of our interview with Tigerlight president, Michael Teig.

Here is the link about the health care reform article we mentioned

GunDudesEpisode 68
This week is part 1 of our interview with Michael Teig of Tigerlight. We forgot to add a special offer he gave to us, which we will put out a supplement before the end of this week, the offer is for the next 2 weeks you can buy a tigerlight that normally costs 175. for 99.96 or if you buy 4 or more, get each one for 74.97. The way to get the offer is to call 1(800)274-6061. The number has te best deals for now but the site www.tigerlightt100.com has good deals too.

Also we mention the UK article about getting rid of "dangerous" dogs

GunDudesEpisode 67
To fit in with the halloween season we wanted to talk about wearing a gun while wearing a costume or when wearing little clothing "not like tiny clothing that Carl would wear".

Here is a link to Mark Mason's camera work that we mentioned in this episode http://www.m-mason.smugmug.com/

and here is the link to the Glock 19 to the 6th power video that Carl loves so much http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXKQdzttY4w

Richard Johnson did a review of our show on his website Guns Holsters And Gear

GunDudesEpisode 66
On this episode we talk about First Shots as well as how to take a first time shooter shooting. Here is the link for the FirstShots where to shoot page http://www.wheretoshoot.org/

Here is the link for the Switzerland article we mentioned in this episode. http://worldradio.ch/wrs/news/video/staring-down-the-barrel-of-switzerlands-gun-tradit.shtml?14430

Also, here is the link for the Scottsdale gun club. A local Phoenix AZ alternative for gun training at an affordable price http://www.scottsdalegunclub.com/

GunDudesEpisode 65

This week we interviewed Steve Koski, a local IDPA shooter and the guy who started the Utah IDPA club back in the mid 90s. Steve went into a little bit about himself as well as some useful info on how to get started in IDPA and what to bring, ect...

Jeff K sent us a link to a story about there being more murders in Chicago than in Iraq http://thehive.modbee.com/?q=node/9654

GunDudesEpisode 64
We participated in the last IDPA shoot this year in Thistle so we decided to talk about our experiences and our thoughts about IDPA. (We loved it)

San Scott from http://ammosmith.com/ sent us a link to his Ammo page. We liked it so we wanted to add his link. 

We mentioned Marc and his gun "Sarah" so here's a link to his gun and the highlights he added to the mag well http://only.free.men.googlepages.com/sarah also included is a link from Marc to the targets we mentioned a few episodes back http://only.free.men.googlepages.com/targets

We are not listing the pics for the 30 point buck yet because they may be from another story and used to circulate around the internet (check Snopes)

GunDudesEpisode 63
This week we went to another listener topic. We were asked about why we don't mention Crimson Trace lasers so we started with them, then we went to their competitor laser Max and discussed the pros and cons of both.

You can find the stats for Florida's drop in crime rate/increase in CCW rates on our blog page. 

Here again is the link for the free NRA trial membership. https://www.nrahq.org/nrabonus/accept-membership.asp

Here is a link to Laser Max's website http://www.lasermax.com/ and Crimson Trace's http://www.crimsontrace.com/

Also we have a link to Mick Mccart from the Armed Citizen podcast, He has a new Christian short stories book "Tales of Wordishure" http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tales-of-Wordishure/127673428723?ref=ts

GunDudesEpisode 62
Stan was gone scouting out his hunting spot so Travis is back filling in. This week we went to a listener suggestion of how to clear your house. We cited some great references like Clint Smith's videos and Personal Defense TV. Then we gave our own ideas, (personally I'd not use our ideas).

Some of the things that were brought up were the Lee Precision target http://only.free.men.googlepages.com/targets .

This next one is for Federals American Eagle load made specifically for the Garand http://www.federalpremium.com/products/details/rifle.aspx?id=810

The Friends of the NRA banquet in SLC is Oct 24th for tickets or any other info, contact Arden Gillespie at mailto:ardengillespie@digis.nethttp://keepandbeararms.com/ and

Last we mentioned, thanks to Mike Roe, 2 great reference sites that have been brought up on the Tom Gresham Gun Talk Radio show. they are

GunDudesEpisode 61
This week we pretended to over prepare so much that it sounded like we were under prepared. So we decided to do a round table about a few little things that we needed to address.

A few links that should be mentioned are: The page9 blog http://www.pagenine.org/ and gunlaws of America page http://www.gunlaws.com/gloa.htm .

This is the link to the pics of AK47 lane http://englishrussia.com/?p=5181#more-5181

Here is the less expensive version of the Metal Gear Solid vest http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/combat-gears/vests/ea-gear-lbv-tactical-molle-vest-coyote-brown.html

This is a link to Gun Owners of America alerts, specifically the Wicker Amendment (which passed overwhelmingly) it ends the prohibition of guns on Amtrak http://gunowners.org/

Also, we said we would mention the blog/podcast of Pete Carus http://www.conservativetech.com/

GunDudesEpisode 60
In this weeks episode we used a listener suggestion to talk about pepper spray for self defense. For such a simple topic, this was our longest episode yet.

Some of the reference sites we mentioned were:

Free NRA trial membership https://www.nrahq.org/nrabonus/accept-membership.asp

also we mentioned Tiger light, a flashlight/pepperspray hybrid. http://www.tigerlight.net/Home_Page.html

GunDudesEpisode 59
This week we decided to talk about what we like about the old, tried and true, seasoned, surplus guns.

We use a lot of info from the website mentioned a few episodes ago,

Some sites of interest we mentioned were:
http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2009/08/29/worlds-biggest-revolver/ The worlds biggest revolver.

Also the iphone app called- concealed handgun license state reciprocity list.

GunDudesEpisode 58
We are all back again and we pick up mocking each other like we never left. This week Tom finishes what we started in episode 56 and talks about red dot's. Also we finally post a discount for a Fort Knox hand gun safe, posted on the main page.

We also announce a Fort Knox raffle. Here are the details: Doug from Fort Knox is holding an extra 100 tickets for a drawing toward a Maverick 6026 Fort Knox safe.  The drawing is being held for one of Carl's former scouts "Kyle" to raise money for his 9th grade football team. Tickets are $5 each. So if you want a chance to win a safe, e-mail the quantity of tickets that you would like to
mailto:dougtarter@hotmail.com Doug will put your name on the tickets and get you the address to send your check. Checks will be due by the 13th of September and the drawing will be Sept. 19. If you win Fort Knox can ship it to you for only the shipping freight cost.

Last, we have been getting some requests from our facebook page for more of our different themed easter eggs at the end of the podcast. It wont be every time because we like putting our bloopers in too, so this one's for them.

GunDudesEpisode 57
Both Tom and Stan came up missing this week so Carl wrangled up Travis and a guest.

Thad Thomas from Action Target joins us to talk about what they do for the shooting community. Their info is:

http://www.actiontarget.com/ . Phone number 1-888-377-8033 ask for Chad Burdett.

The USA Today link sent to us by Ken Fenskie for the quick survey about what does the 2nd amendment mean to you.

Tony D sent us a link to Ted Nugent

And finally Eric Shelton from the Handgun podcast sent us this link to an odd blog with a different use for a Mosin-Nagant

GunDudesEpisode 56
This week we went to Facebook for our topic and so we talk about scopes. Stan leads us in our discussion as he brings up four basic hunting scopes. Carl briefly makes mention of older WW1 and WW2 rifles and scopes.

This link reference came up in the show for Civilian Marksmanship Program

Andy Weaver sent us a link his letter to the editor for American Handgunner magazine about "Why gun control logic isn't logical"

Check6 sent us a link to a .44 and .50 caliber air rifle that should be legal (check your state) for felons to use.

Larry Piekarski sent us a great idea for a card to give a policeman if you are involved in a self defense shooting. (We have that posted in our blog post section). 

Finally, Jim Heffelfinger sent us a link to his Junior Jack Kamp for kids (shooting jack rabbits.)

GunDudesEpisode 55
On this episode the guy's get back from a local I.D.P.A. shoot and talk about their "luck". Also we discuss Tom and Travis's new Cross Breed Holsters and get their thoughts on those.

Mentioned links- From Arden Gillespie, Salt Lake Friends of the N.R.A.

GunDudesEpisode 54
This week we answered a listener e-mail about prior felons and their options to defend their families, as well as our main topic where we discuss slings and more importantly, our favorite slings.

This link is for the home made sling Stan talked about

In the e-mail section, Jacob Nielson sent a link about how not to hold a rifle.

Our last one is sent to us from David Bonadurer about an alternative to Tannerite, (We've been using this stuff too).

GunDudesEpisode 53
We all went camping together this week so we could do a little varmit shooting, so this episode we talk about our adventures there as well as making fun of each other.

In the e-mail portion we mentioned Tactical bacon which was sent to us by Hank Ellis

Marc sent us some links also about bear bells while hiking

and a star wars reference site about only free men owning blasters.

Marc also asked about a link to one of last weeks subjects, our tactical belts. Here they are Marc.
http://www.lapolicegear.com/5ta1trbe.html that's the one we like at the moment, and http://www.lapolicegear.com/511-tactical-tdu-belt-1-5.html for a more affordable yet tough belt.

GunDudesEpisode 52
This week we discuss what to take when camping, hiking in the back country. Also, Neldon from the Friends of the N.R.A. fills in for Stan and announces an e-mail auction he will do through the gundudes.

GunDudesEpisode 51
This episode we talk about our recent experience with some bad ammo. Then we discuss (our) opinions on the worth of purchasing upgraded shotgun stocks as well as the comparisons we did with our own.

GunDudesEpisode 50
It's the 4th of July and we are having a blast. This is our longest show yet (about 1 hour 10 min) but we cover 2 topics this time. First we talk about gun prep for your car. Its really more of common sense thinking. Then we talk about how to avoid gun buyers remorse.

GunDudesEpisode 49
We got a little silly with the "Red Tom" from last week but we put that at the front and end of the episode. This week Tom returns and we talk about handling anti gun confrontation.

GunDudesEpisode 48
We are back after our computer crash. We suspect Tactical Tom may have turned into "Red Tom" the Communist sympathizer. For our topics this week we talk about IDPA shooting, and shooting Tannerite for targets.

GunDudesEpisode 47
This episode we finish answering the second part of a question from last week about pocket carry guns/ holsters, and what we prefer to carry.

GunDudesEpisode 46
All three back again, and on top of the normal self defense news and missfire award, we were sent a question about our thoughts on semi autos vs revolvers. Because of time, we had to cut our second topic but we will use it next episode.

GunDudesEpisode 45
The untouchable trio are back with a little help from Tom's brother Milo and also from Travis. In this episode we talk about how to treat a new gun owner (as well as how not to treat them). Also we talk about striker fired pistols. (when we get around to it).
GunDudesEpisode 44
Eric Shelton from the Handgun podcast helps us out for this show at the N.R.A. convention in Phoenix Arizona. Along with the normal news and missfire award, we give our impressions of the show.

GunDudes Episode 43
Two lovely ladies fill in for Stan and talk about their guns as well as emergency preparedness tips for extended periods of time, 2 weeks, 1 month, ect...

GunDudes Episode 42
This is our longest episode yet. Heavy with banter, we go through self defense in the news and the missfire award. In the second half we talk about Stan's camouflage job on his rifle, and then talk about some of our favorite gun movies.

GunDudes Episode 41
Neldon joins us again to talk about the upcoming local Friends of the N.R.A. banquet. Also we talk about a story with 2 different points of view, as well as our usual mindless banter.

GunDudes Episode 40
We almost didn't make this episode but we were able to get Travis to help us with the recording.

GunDudes Episode 39
We talk about our recent training by some former Thunder Ranch instructors while trying to come down from our adrenalin high. Later in the show Carl also talk's about fast draw shooting while Tom and Stan mock and scorn.

GunDudes Episode 38
We finally broke down and purchased new sound equipment so we devoted most of our week to getting it to work. The show is a little short with only one topic but we are excited to start making "higher quality" shows. (we hope)

GunDudes Episode 37
Kelly is back for this episode so we decided to talk about his least favorite subject, Airsoft guns.

GunDudes Episode 36
Four of us do the show today, Travis helps us out as a new shooter, but we are only using half the mic's. We discuss a local murderer who claims he would not have killed his wife if he did not have a gun close by. Also, Tony Brown from FireArm's Cafe announces our contest winner for us.

GunDudes Episode 35
The first half takes up the majority of this episode with the second half only being about twenty minutes. We talk about a CCW holder's weapon "accidentally" going off.

GunDudes Episode 34
We made a new GRRN voice over person, not as raspy as before. We eliminated the "what we did with guns over the week" segment and we only covered one topic, AR15 uppers. After we spend the remaining time answering e mail's.

GunDudes Episode 33
We had some technical problems for the first 15 minutes but they were cleared up and the usual was dished out. The 2nd half we explained our selves and our methods. Also we skimmed over a few important topics in our same "tangent" ways.

GunDudes Episode 32
We were in a mood this episode. Lots of good news and we have 2 missfire episodes again. The second half we continue Stan's reloading talk from the week before. Then, Carl talks about spicing up shooting practice with a little competition. We end with a new hand gun safe contest.

GunDudes Episode 31
Doug from Fort Knox helps us with this episode. So after the news and the missfire award (which features a caped villain) we talked about safes and security.

GunDudes Episode 30
Neldon from the Friends of the NRA fills in for Stan this episode. So naturally we talk about the NRA. Also, We quickly mention an article by sheriff Jim Wilson.

GunDudes Episode 29
This episode, in addition to the news and missfire award, we each, briefly, bring up one quick topic to share. Then after the show, we give you the Tony Brown phone call clip.

GunDudes Episode 28
Tom forgot to turn his mic on for most of this episode, but his voice carried enough for us to keep it. We were not very serious this episode but we did talk about .22 rifles and conversions for them.

GunDudes Episode 27
Neldon Groo, the chairman of the Central Utah Friends of the NRA, joins us as a co-host in this episode. Along with the news and (2) missfire awards, Neldon talks about what the Friends of the NRA does here local and national. After, we talk a little about .22 conversions for larger pistols.

GunDudes Episode 26
It took us about 10 minutes into the show before we started. News and missfire award were the usual. The second half we continued our talk about home safety and our ideas. Also Stan brought up a great Massad Ayoob book from the past.

GunDudes Episode 25
We are trying to make these shorter but that is getting hard because there is so much we want to say. Kelly filled in for Stan again today. The news was the normal self defense but the missfire award picked us right up. Later we talked about the Brady Bunch's attempts to attack the recent National Parks lifting of gun bans. Also we talk a little in a 2 part segment about home safety/security. How to prepare and other ideas.

GunDudes Episode 24
We had some technical problems on this episode so Tom and Carl had to go back and re-record part 1 a day after we did part 2. However, Stan does return in part 2, where we talk about Gift ideas and the ammo ban e-mails everyone has been receiving.

GunDudes Episode 23
Longer episode this week. We are losing our minds the closer we get to Christmas. News and almost 2 missfire awards this time. The second half we discuss shipping a firearm and parts kits for AKs and ARs. Also we talk about our most controversial topic yet. Guns and video games.

GunDudes Episode 22
We recap things we did over the week in the hobby.

Also, some good news like a St. Louis city leader telling people to get armed
http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,460725,00.html  as well as other great self defense in the news. In the second half we discuss Inherited guns and a small bit that's a continuation from ep. 20 about fun gear. We also make a few corrections/add on's to some previous news.

GunDudes Episode 21
The mad trio is back again with a new intro (we can't use copyrighted music any more). We start by talking about what we have done with our hobby over the week, then we go into the self defense news. Our second half was pretty much dominated by talk of controlling ones emotions whether it is buying or dealing with anti-gunners.

GunDudes Episode 20
Carl and Tom had to do this one alone this time. We started with some info about countries that went through gun confiscations and the results from those. News like always and almost 2 missfire awards. Our later topics dealt with un-necessary gear that's still fun to have and we talked about practicing off hand shooting at the range.

GunDudes Episode 19
This episode is a shorter one because we had to record it before Tom's wife went into labor (we just made it). Normal self defense in the news plus some carjackers that cant drive a stick. Later we talk about 5.56 in a 223 (continued from last week) and we discuss some affordable shotguns.

GunDudes Episode 18
We are messing around with recording equipment so this episode sounds like our earlier versions. More self defense in the news and another missfire award from England. Next half we answer a reloading question and discuss "less expensive" handguns. Last we announce the 2 winners of the e-mail/podcast  contest.

GunDudes Episode 17
We had a bit of fun here during the first part of the show. Its basically a group of grown men acting like boys. More news and missfire award. Later we correct a mistake against a fellow gundude. Also we talk about good Samaritans and gunsales.

GunDudes Episode 16
Another home defense in Texas, also a knife ban is suggested in Massachusetts. Obama's "transition team" already making plans and gun sales spike because of possible Obama win. The second half we talk about gun safety in scouting and also preparing for a possible confrontation by exercising and clothing selection. We also have another contest for 2 books by Massad Ayoob.

GunDudes Episode 15
We tried some different sound equipment this time around. The news and missfire award were like normal. We also spoke of some stats by the FBI. In the second half we talked about Obama's track record with trying to get us to be like England/ Australia with allowing prosecution for self defense. We also answered e-mail questions about our gun preferences.

GunDudes Episode 14
Along with the self defense news we have a new missfire intro. In this episode it was only Carl and Tom but we interviewed a guest from England and we talk about his point of view about their laws and ours. Afterward we spend a little tome talking about the interview and our thoughts.

GunDudes Episode 13
Good self defense news today with yet another missfire award from jolly old England. The second half has us talking about a new resource we were directed to that can help all of us to know how our representatives are voting with our gun rights. Also we talk about our opinions on storing magazines loaded or unloaded.

GunDudes Episode 12
More personal defense in the news, and a missfire award where a convenience store robber leaves behind his ID. In the second segment we talk about what not to do after you are involved in a shooting. We also talk a bit about cowboy era guns as viable self defense.

GunDudes Episode 11
Just a few news stories this week, (Stan's house wont let us use the internet to get our info) and the missfire award takes place in Australia. I do a quick interview with a local National Guard soldier, and later the gundudes talk about our handgun safe winners response.

GunDudes Episode 10
Personal defense in the news, and a local missfire award. Later on we talk about hunting rifles as well as Stan's new rifle. This is also the episode where we announce the winner of our big handgun safe contest.

GunDudes Episode 9
A few home defense stories and a Dairy Queen shooting while complying with crooks. Another missfire award from England. Also, Kelly talks about black powder rifles in scouts and Tom takes on the flashlight topic.

GunDudes Episode 8
2 news stories of people defending their homes, thanks to their guns, a missfire award from England, because we like to pick on them. Carl talks about his visit to Fort Knox Safe Co., and we start off the handgun safe drawing with our contest question.

GunDudes Episode 7

In addition to the news and the missfire awards, we talk about the concealed carry website, stove-piping, and airsoft guns. Also, we play an interview with Doug from Fort Knox Safes were he has a suprise for us.

GunDudes Episode 6

In the News- Great-grandmother holds burgler at bay. Anti hunting NRA?. The cost of confiscations in England and Japan, and the costs. We talk about our opinions on what to carry for self defense and the lifestyle change, and also preparedness for the spouse.

GunDudes Episode 5
News- Concealed carry holder defends life in broad daylight during a construction purchase gone bad. Texas school district allows concealed weapons for teachers and faculty. Our topics are soft strikes on the AR 15 and other rifles, and our opinions on holsters for concealed carry.

GunDudes Episode 4
News- Gun sales on the rise but gun crime on the decline. We talk about cataloging your guns in the case of emergencies. Also we talk a little about re-loading.

GunDudes Episode 3
In the news- Doctors want more regulations on guns because they are the "number 1 killer in the US" of kids, but really doctors mistakes are the #1 cause of death in youth. Our topics are guns and scouting, with former BSA scout district executive, Kelly. Also, finding out if you are left or right eye dominant.

GunDudes Episode 2
News- Mayor Miller wants to shut down all shooting ranges because sport shooting contributes to crime. Also, concealed carry holders being considered in National parks. We then talk about sighting in a rifle, and later Tom apologizes to those whom he has offended

GunDudes Episode 1

(The pilot episode was done before we knew how to edit, so we did the whole thing in one take)

Practicing with your guns. movement, commands, assaulting targets?. Concealed carry talk, web site referrals... also, Heller case results discussion.