Ode to the GunDudes

Carl is not tall.
but makes up for it well.
We all look up to him,
even though he can't spell.

Tommy is Red.
Chesticles are two's.
If you try to rob him,
he'll swap your shoes!

Stan's old and wise.
His wit is a treat.
When he says he's packin',
it's more than just meat.

Travis is half...
The Red Shirt for life.
He's not a full GunDude,
but has a Hot Wife.

They never wear Hoodies.
They FAIL when they Rap.
If you listen to Carl,
"the last show was crap!"

We hear Kelly sometimes.
He's not a GunTard.
His main contribution's
the Mis-Fire award.

They can't stay on topic.
We know what you're thinkin'
But take my word for it,
they haven't been drinkin'.

Eric, the Nemesis,
He thinks he's The Bomb.
The Dudes call him SHELTON!
He lives with his Mom.

They're not fans of England,
and make fun of the Brits.
If James was a girl,
he'd have small chesticles.

They have many wives,
which put up with their fun.
The custom in Utah's
to have more than one.

And don't forget Steve.
He carries a Glock.
A Yellow Shirt winner,
but still fun to mock.

GunDudes are great.
Logistics are brown.
Where they have to work,
they *might* be unarmed.