Mostly Gun Dudes referring to Criminals...

"I'm going to put your shoes on the wrong feet so you'll look like a moron when you died, and you can't do a damn thing about it, can you?" - Tommy, E80

"Your father said you'd never amount to anything!" - Tommy, E81

(...maybe it was a distraction by the victim as he grabbed his gun)
"Here's my wallet...  PSYCH!" - Stan, E91

(Don't point your finger at me) "This is a Cold Range" - Tommy E92

(RE Stan getting stuck in a car during an IDPA Course of Fire)
"It was like Pooh Bear getting caught in Rabbit's house." - Tommy E100B

"If it's a small gun when you put it in the holster, it's a small gun when you take it out of the holster" - Stan E125

- Yoda, E139  "Finish, Did Not"

Interview with Jeremy Watson of the Canadian Concealed Carry Association
 - Koski E181 Intro

It was reported in E184 that Jeremy Watson was shot & killed in a bank robbery.

Keep Your Booger Finger Off the Bang Switch. - Eric R. Shelton

If handguns cause crime, mine's defective! - Eric R. Shelton

...and always carry a loaded cellphone. - UNT

The Bill of Rights is Not a Buffet. - marC

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We lead you.
- Carl

There are three reasons to own a gun:
To protect yourself and your family,
to hunt dangerous and delicious animals,
and to keep the King of England out of your face.

- Krusty The Clown