The RoadGunner Podcast

Coming at you with 80,000 pounds of Concealed Carry...

The man with a face for radio & a voice for sign language.

He gets paid to pull trailers, not triggers. Which means he's an expert in one thing, and that is driving trucks and  backing 53' trailers into loading docks.

The Man with the worst-kept Secret Identity in Second Amendment radio...

The Un-Named Trucker.

Sponsored by Trigger Control...

Bringing criminals to their knees,
with a trigger press, pull, or squeeze.

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Keep your nose clean, and your fifth wheel greasy.

Striving to be your Second Favorite Podcast.

Free Beer and BBQ

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Quote from the interview with George "Mad Ogre" Hill describing how to be sure a bottle of SLIPSTREAM weapon lubricant is mixed properly...

            "Shake it like your 14 year old."

Massad Ayoob doesn't really have any quotes attibuted to him, but the Un-Named Trucker does:

            ...and always carry a loaded cellphone.

on the other hand, that's sort of like a quote attributed to "anonymous".

Bill Clinton made me a Republican.

George W. Bush made me a Libertatian, and

The Obama Administration made me a Terrorist.

Here's the Dept of Homeland Security report on Rightwing Extremism that substantiates this analysis.

...and always carry a loaded cell phone. - UNT