The Ayoob Dejammer / Monadnock 6001 "D-Jammer"

Police Bookshelf
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Concord NH 03302-0122

Toll Free 800-624-9049

This handy device, designed by Massad Ayoob, conveniently attaches to your keys. It can serve a number of useful functions. It was primarily designed as an emergency tool for removing an obstruction from the barrel of your handgun, dislodging jammed shells in a revolver or autoloader, de-jamming stuck mechanical parts in a pistol or revolver, and also to serve as an emergency cleaning rod in the field (one end is threaded). However, secondarily, it can enable you to use your keys as a defensive flail or thrasher. Thirdly, it can also be used as a close-up impact and compliance tool, such as a Kubotan or Persuader.
Fourthly, BOO-YA!

Much better than some old brass squib rod, Steve :-)

Hoppe's No. 9 Air Freshener

From the press release...

In 1903, when Frank Hoppe developed a mix of 9 different ingredients to create the original Hoppe's No. 9 gun solvent, he had no idea that history was being made. Over the last 107 years the smell of Hoppe's No. 9 has evoked fond memories of fathers, grandfathers, memorable hunts and great days in the field.

In response to consumer requests, Hoppe's now has an air freshener with the unique No. 9 smell. The freshener has a string for hanging it in your gun room, car, garage, or anywhere you want the nostalgic smell of Hoppe's No. 9.

Brett and Kate McKay, authors of the book "The Art of Manliness" list Hoppe's No. 9 as one of the top 15 manly smells.

The Hoppe's No. 9 Air Freshener will be available at your favorite sporting goods and/or hunting store and will sell for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

for Carl: Hop-EEZ

Good Guy T-shirts

The brainchild of XS Sight Systems

The story is that their place of business is not in the best area of town. So when Law Enforcement visited them to purchase their excellent products, they wanted a way to distinguish their employees from the locals.

Excellent apparel for IDPA matches.

Buy one here.

Trauma Shears

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Don't cut pennies in half.

The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights – Security Edition Card is The First Ten Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America, printed on each side of a sturdy, playing-card-sized, piece of metal. The cards have been redesigned with slightly rounded corners to make a card easier to carry in a wallet or pocket.

The next time you travel, it’s possible that the person confiscating your mouthwash may not be familiar with the Bill of Rights.