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Dry Fire

My notes on Dry Fire practice suggested by Mr Snuffaluffagus, Steve Koski

Listen to E98 and all will become clear.

and make sure your gun is EMPTY again and that you're removed all ammunition from the area.

•Draw - from concealment, sights on target, click
 Strong Hand only
 Strong & transfer to weak hand only
 Eyes Closed, draw and open eyes: see if on target

•Weak Hand Only w/ finger off trigger - sights on target, click
(gun drawn and held in weak hand)

•Reloads - w/ Dummy Rounds
 Aim & pretend just shot, then:
 10x Slide Lock Reload w/ empty magazine
 10x Reload w/ Retention
 10x Tactical Reload
  (Click after each reload)
•Reload while behind Cover - try not to look at gun / magazine while reloading

•Slice the Pie from behind Cover

•Sight something across room
 Press Trigger Quickly (click) - not pull, pressss
 Observe what happens to sights and compensate - a Laser might help

•Put your sights on a fixed object, and while maintaining that sight picture:
Move to the Left
Move to the Right

Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.